On The Road To Healing Or Heaven

All of us are on a journey to someplace. The journey started before we were born, in our mothers womb. The road we take on this journey is determined by choices. Choices our ancestors made. Choices our parents make. Choices others make for us. But mostly by the choices we make ourselves.

My journey started in northern Minnesota in 1954. My birthday is October 21st but my journey actually started 9 months earlier. On the day my mother and Dad conceived me, the road I would travel began. All the choices and events of my life have brought me to this place in the road of my journey. Along this road I have experienced many things. I have acquired many things. I have discarded many things. All these things have brought me to this spot on the road of my journey.

As I strain to look down the remainder of my road, it is a bit hazy. Part of the haze is the result of the fact that roughly 15 years ago, I acquired Parkinson’s disease. That altered the course my road would take profoundly. Because of a choice I made when I was 6, the choice to accept Gods gift of Jesus, my ultimate destination has been set. That’s where my road is leading me. The turns and the forks I have taken along the way were determined by the choices I mentioned before. My destination has never changed.

Because of Parkinson’s, I know I will travel the remainder of my journey to heaven either healed, which is what I believe will be the case, or I’ll finish my journey incumbered by this disease and discard all the pain and inconveniences as I walk through heavens gate.

Either way, I will love and trust God with all my heart and I will continue to strive to receive the healing that is rightfully mine.

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