More Than God

Christian’s get sick.

The first time the words “Parkinson’s Disease” were applied to me back in 2009, I started to think about healing. I believe that the supernatural removal of sickness and injury by God is real. I believe that my family and I have been the receivers of supernatural healing. It’s like my belief in the other things we thank God for…wisdom, protection, provision, joy and everything else that I believe God supernaturally gives us. God is active in our lives and cares about us. I also believe His ability to provide these things for us is limited. Limited not by Him, but limited by the fact that man changed God’s original universe.

We, mankind, started out perfect. God made us that way. We didn’t get sick, we had no lack. Everything was provided for us and it was all good. But we were not satisfied with everything. We wanted more. We wanted something we were not made to have. We wanted something more than God. We wanted something apart from God. We wanted to be God. And when a creature that had wanted the same thing, and had suffered the consequences, offered those things to us, we said yes. From that moment, we have suffered the consequences of wanting more than God and the choice of saying yes to the creature’s offer.

But instead of giving up on mankind, God has been working ever since to restore us to our original state of perfection. He desires our restoration so much, that He was willing to sacrifice His Son to achieve it. Everything He has done here on earth and beyond, ever since we believed the lie that there is anything more than God, has been done for our restoration. But even though His act of offering His Son provided the way for mankind to be restored, we have to want to be restored and accept it the way He provided.

We still live in a world that offers us more than God, even though those things do not exist. We still live in a world that offers life apart from God. It is an illusion. But we are still given the choice of God or more than God. And most still choose the illusion.

We, the people that choose God, still have to live in a world that was given away. That is the result of mankind wanting and choosing more than God. We gave it away to the creature that offered us the illusion that there was more than God. God had given the world to man to have dominion, and we gave the right to be here and work here to the creature. Even though God has provided the way for our restoration to perfection, we are still born and live out our lives in bodies that are made of the same material this fallen earth is made of. And we are subject to the same imperfections. We get sick. We get injured. We are born with flaws. We can find ourselves in a place of not having the basic things we need to live. The whole universe from our bodies to the stars, continually groan for the sons of God to be revealed. That has not happened yet. When it does, we will no longer get sick. Our bodies will never need healing. And we will return to the perfection God originally planned for us. Until then, Christians get sick. It seems like, some get healed, some don’t.



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