In A Heartbeat

For reasons unknown to me, God thought a thought. The thought was to make a universe… so large that it has no boundaries. At a location of His choosing, He placed a sphere that would travel in space moving in a cosmic dance in step with the rest of the universe. He made the surface of this sphere according to a plan. He intended to place a being of His creation on the surface of the sphere. The being was designed to live and thrive in this place.

When this universe was prepared and the sphere was in its place and ready, God formed a likeness of Himself on the surface of the sphere out of the same material He used to create the universe. He blew one of His breaths into what He had formed. Something happened that had never happened before. There was a new sound in the universe. It was new note in this symphony He was creating. It was a beat. It was the first heartbeat. It echoed throughout the universe. This first beat was followed by a second. Then by a third. And so it began.

Soon after, this heartbeat was joined by another. And then another, until today the universe is filled with the sound of billions of heartbeats.

The sound of a new heartbeat is the sound of promise…the promise of a new life. If the heartbeat is allowed to continue to beat, the reason the first beat was heard can come into being. If the heartbeat is stopped, all the potential and purpose will be lost. God’s purpose for the first beat will be lost.

Every new heartbeat holds the potential for greatness. Each new heartbeat holds the potential for evil. How each heart is cared for by the one who holds the heartbeat within their chests and those around them determines which it will be. If a heartbeat is protected and loved, the possibilities for good are unlimited. A heartbeat that is not protected is always in danger both for the one whose chest holds the heartbeat and those around.

Just as every new heartbeat beats with the rhythm of promise and echoes through the universe, every heartbeat that stops means the end…the end of a life lived in harmony with other heartbeats or the end of a life lived out of rhythm. A heartbeat in harmony creates beauty and life. A heartbeat lived out of rhythm creates chaos, destruction and even the silencing of heartbeats.

Long ago, God gave something of Himself to a young woman. Not long after, another new heartbeat was heard. This one sounded different. This one had the potential for good and the promise of freedom for all heartbeats that chose to beat in harmony with it. This so threatened hearts that beat out of rhythm that they conspired together to stop this heartbeat. They succeeded in their intent to stop this heart from beating. They went so far as to thrust the point of a spear into this heart to make sure it would never beat again. They placed this silenced heart into a stone cave and sealed the entrance with a large round stone.

Three days later a sound could be heard coming from inside the cave. It was a heartbeat. They rolled the stone back and found the cave was empty. The sound of this heartbeat signaled freedom from death for everyone that believed the heartbeat was true.

When a life ends, a heartbeat stops. The universe becomes a little quieter. Those hearts that choose to beat in harmony with the heartbeat that escaped the cave go on forever. Those that choose to beat out of rhythm and harmony will be lost.

Guard your heart so it will beat in time with the symphony of God.

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