Off In The Distance

There I am, off in the distance. I know it’s me because of all the years we spent together. I look pretty much the same as I always have, just smaller. Because of the distance, it’s hard to hear what I’m saying, and it looks like I’m moving in slow motion. Those that are passing me by are trying not to look at me, but I can see their sideways glances when they think I’m not looking. I do see them, but I’m not troubled by them. The truth is, I’m glad they chose to see me. It means I’m still here. There are rare moments when I am afraid they won’t look anymore. I’m afraid a time may come when I will look, and I won’t be there. But these are just brief moments.


There it is, off in the distance: The world that was once mine. The world used to be a lot bigger and was full of things that were free for the taking. The world is much smaller now, and much of what had been free for the taking, things that only required me to reach out and grasp them, are now out of my reach.  As the world grew smaller, the distances grew longer. Time slowed down.


There they are, off in the distance….standing beside me…standing with me. They don’t seem to notice I’m different than I used to be. I try not to be different than I used to be, but most of the time it’s not up to me. I’m glad they are still there, though they seem to be fewer than before. I guess that’s because the world is a lot smaller; so there’s not as much room as there was before.


There He is, off in the distance…giving me hope and joy…making all my self-perceived challenges fade and revealing a future of effortless movement that will go on forever. God is encouraging me with the knowledge that even though the rest of my journey may be slow and unsteady, once the distance is crossed, and I arrive home, what is waiting for me is so wonderful, that all of the pain of this life will be forgotten. That’s when my true journey begins: My journey with God that will last forever.

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