Light Into Darkness

Parkinson’s disease is classified as a movement disorder. My brain is lacking the substance that tells my body to move. My body wants to stay still. This gives me a lot more time to sit and think.


I have been thinking about free will lately. I know God gave man a free will. He obviously gave the angels a free will. (Satan used his free will against God and suffered the consequences.) I thought I had come to the conclusion that to have a free will, it was necessary to have the ability to make a wrong choice. Satan and all that followed him made a wrong choice. Adam and Eve made a wrong choice. They chose evil over good.

I thought about heaven. When we get there will we still have a free will, or could it be that we no longer have a free will because heaven is perfect and we will be perfect and not having the option of making a wrong choice.

The only beings with self-awareness I know to exist are God, man and angels. They all have a free will. But if free will requires the option to make a choice between what is right and what is wrong, God would not have a free will because it is impossible for Him to make a wrong choice or to choose evil.

Then I thought about light and darkness. It is said that darkness is the opposite of light, but it’s not. Darkness is the absence of light. Darkness is not a thing. It is only what happens if you remove light. Evil is not a thing. It is simply what happens when good is removed.

The question is asked, because God created everything, did God create evil? No. Everything about God and everything from God is good. Evil is the result of removing good. If that is true, then evil is not a choice made by a being with a free will, but the result of a being with a free will doing something that is not good. By their act, they are removed from God and by their act become evil. That is the result of the absence of God. Just like darkness is the result of the absence of light.

I believe that to have a free will is to have the will and freedom to be good, to do good, and the freedom not to do evil and not having to suffer the result of not being good.


As we travel down life’s path, from time to time we will come to a fork in the road. We must choose which way to go. Usually the wrong path is smooth and well maintained and heavily travelled. The right path is rough and obviously the path less taken, but we know in our hearts it’s the right way. Remember, we have the free will to take the right path and the freedom to not take the wrong.

Also remember, those that take the wrong path are not taking it because they have the free will to do it, but because they are struggling in darkness and have been deceived.

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