Lament for a Paradise Squandered


I miss the moments that were given away.

I yearn for the walks in the cool of the day.

I hunger for the fruit that’s out of my reach.

Guarded by a strength no one can breach.

There was a brief moment when everything was good.

But that moment ended.

I miss the feelings that I’ve never felt.

I miss the sights that I’ve never seen.

My heart breaks for unbreakable hearts.

Tears fall down my face from eyes that were not meant to cry.

My body feels pain it was not meant to feel.

I move through a world that was not made this way.

Moving through a space that was given away.

I’m aware of so much that I should never have known.

Knowledge that was acquired through selfish intent.

Knowledge that once acquired cannot be unknown.

Relationship lost, friendship destroyed.

Replaced by loneliness, in the midst of a crowd.

Purity soiled, love hidden away.

Treasures given freely, now there are prices to pay.

It was meant to be different.

We were meant to be different.

I yearn for a place no man has been.

A place that was not squandered as was where I am now.

A place that cannot be given away.

It’s where this world and its brief moment of good was created.

By the One I yearn to walk with in the cool of the day.

I now remember, a man has walked in that place.

He came to this squandered paradise to retake what we lost.

Now He’s back with his Father and they are waiting for us.

When we arrive,

Nothing will be missed…

Nothing will be yearned for…

There will be no unsatisfied hungers…

There, everything is good.

Paradise Squandered will be long forgotten.

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A Christian man in my mid 60's with Parkinson's disease. Married over 30 years with 3 married children and 2 grandkids.

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