This morning while I was in the shower, I started to think about being naked. The state of being naked is one area that, more than most areas of our lives, is a reality that shows the creativity of God and the wickedness of the devil.

Nakedness has more facets than a gemstone. Its effect touches so many areas of the human experience.

All of us are born naked. We come into this world unadorned and uncovered and, of course, unaware that we are. When God made the first man, the man started the same way, naked and unaware. Adam and Eve ran around the garden unconcerned that they were naked. As Adam and God walked and talked in the cool of the day, Adam was naked. I’m not sure if God wore anything, but we know Adam didn’t think twice about being clothing free.

Then the devil interfered. He convinced Adam and Eve that God was holding back something good from them. God had told them not to do something, but the devil said it was ok to disobey God.

That evening when God went to meet Adam for their walk, Adam was nowhere to be found. God found him hiding in the bushes. When God asked him why he was hiding, he told God it was because he was naked.

I’m not sure why Adam and Eve’s disobedience resulted in the awareness that they were naked. It just tells us they started wearing clothes. I don’t think Adam and Eve minded seeing each other naked. I guess they just didn’t want God or the animals to see them naked.

Since Adam and Eve, being naked has had a profound effect on human history, good and bad.

Again, we are all born naked. As soon as we enter the world, somebody puts something on us. Not so much to cover up the cute little parts of a naked baby, but to keep us warm. From then on, we spend most of our time with some kind of covering. To protect us from the elements and to cover parts of us that most of us don’t want other people to see. Depending on our age in life, there are exceptions.

When we are a baby, like Adam and Eve before the fall, we are unaware of our nakedness. Our moms and dads and caregivers do have an awareness of nakedness, but out of relationship and necessity, our nakedness is natural. As we get older and become self-aware, our awareness of our own nakedness is apparent. Most of us don’t want others to see us naked.

Now for this next part, there are two basic elements. Nakedness the way God intended and nakedness perverted by mankind and the devil. Being a man, of course this will be from a male’s perspective.

One day, usually during the early teen years, boys make the discovery that they are drawn to a desire to see a naked girl. This desire is both mental and physical. And it is strong. And it is part of God’s plan. Unfortunately, most boys are unprepared for this tsunami of thoughts and feelings. Being unprepared and lacking the wisdom of knowledge that every boy should have been given, they get swept away in this wave of desire. They only know that their body and brain are screaming, ” Naked is good!” They are unaware that God has provided boundaries of protection where they can be safe. They are also unaware that the devil knows every man’s weakness and has invested unimaginable resources and personnel to make sure men are destroyed by something God created for good.

So rather than a boy growing up to be a man that is able to find the right woman for him, both protected and intact so they can enjoy a healthy and blessed state of nakedness together, the boy gets swept up in the unnatural pursuit of nakedness that can destroy his life and future.

As we start to walk down the path of life towards our sunset, it’s as though we go back in time to childhood. Our awareness of nakedness becomes less and less as the days pass by. If we live long enough, we again reach a point where our awareness of our own nakedness ceases to exist. Someone puts something on us for protection and warmth. The difference from a baby is that someone puts something on us to cover the wrinkly parts of our bodies no-one wants to see. Nakedness, ours or anyone else’s no longer matters.

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