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I have a personality trait that has driven my wife crazy ever since we first met. Sometimes I tend to be a tad secretive. I either keep information from her or I give her only partial information. I will also say things for effect. I don’t think I do this maliciously, though I would have a hard time convincing her of that.

Sometimes I will not inform her about a purchase I have made. I think I do that because I don’t want to make my case for the reason for the purchase. I know I will get some resistance from her. A lot of the time I will return that item and she never knows the transaction occurred. If I do decide to keep it, I would rather make my case after the fact.

Other times I will leave out or not mention information regarding events in our lives. They may or may not affect her directly or indirectly.

I really don’t know why I do this. It may be an attempt to control some part of our lives. It could be something I know she will react to adversely. I always try to avoid being in the path of that!

I do know I would never withhold anything that she needs to know…. Something that would endanger or hurt us. I do try to avoid this trait but it does still happen from time to time.

I will also say things just to get a rise out of her. Sometimes I enjoy her reaction, sometimes it backfires.

We were talking this morning about Jesus and I had a thought. Jesus also had this trait. Not the purchasing part, but the giving limited information part and saying things for effect. I told Marcia that I was just trying to be more like Jesus!

As I think about the life of Jesus, there does seem to be times when he would leave people guessing, and also say something for effect.

It’s like the parables. Many times, as I read them I think, why doesn’t He just say what He means. His disciples always seemed to be wondering about what he was saying and doing.

He told a woman with a sick child that He was not there for her and basically called her a dog. I don’t really think that’s what He thought. He was looking for a reaction. She reacted rightly.

Then there is the time He told Peter he was the rock that the church would be built upon. A verse or two later He called Peter Satan and to get out of His way. I don’t think Jesus thought Peter was Satan. He said it for affect.  When Jesus gathered his men for their last meal before He was to be killed, he told them they must eat His body and drink His blood. They wondered what in the world did that mean?

After He had risen, the disciples were left wondering what had happened. They and others had seen Jesus, but He would just pop in and out. Peter decides,  “I’m going fishing.” After fishing all night, they caught nothing. As the sun was coming up, a man on the shore yells to them, ” How’s the fishing?” They answered, ” No good.” The man on the shore told them to cast their net on the right side of the boat this time. They pulled the net in full of fish. They realized it was Jesus. They cooked breakfast and ate together. Jesus took Peter aside to talk. During the conversation Jesus told Peter how he would die. Peter noticed John and asked Jesus, “How will he die?” Jesus responded, ” If I want him to live until I return, what business is that to you?” That started the rumor that John would never die.

We are told to be like Jesus. He did seem to say and do things for effect. I’m really not saying what I do because of this trait in me is an effort on my part to be like Jesus. What I am saying is that my desire is to be like Jesus, in love, compassion, mercy and all the positive traits that He wants to see in my life.

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A Christian man in my mid 60's with Parkinson's disease. Married over 30 years with 3 married children and 2 grandkids.

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